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#ifndef GTKUTILS_H__
#define GTKUTILS_H__

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

/** A tree sort function. */
typedef gint (*compr_func)(GtkTreeModel *model, GtkTreeIter *a, 
                     GtkTreeIter *b, gpointer user_data);

/** Add a menu item to a menu. 
 * @param menu the menu to add an item to.
 * @param text the text of the menu item.
 * @param func the method to be called when the menu item is selected.
void add_menu_item (GtkWidget* menu, char* text, GCallback func);

/** Add a menu separator to a menu.
 * @param menu the menu to add the separator to.
void add_menu_separator (GtkWidget* menu);

/** Add a label to a GtkTable
 * @param text the text to add.
 * @param table the table to add the label to.
 * @param col the column to add the label at.
 * @param row the row to add the label at.
void add_left_label_to_table (char* text, GtkWidget* table, 
                        int row, int col);

/** Get a GtkTable for a given set of labels and functions giving value.
 * @param labels the text for the labels.
 * @param funcs the methods giving the value for the row.
 * @param v the value that the tablefuncs operate on.
typedef char* (*tablefunc)(void*);
GtkWidget* get_table (gchar** labels, tablefunc funcs[], void* v);

/** Add a column to a tree. 
 * @param tree the tree to add a column to
 * @param label the name of the column
 * @param pos the position of the column
 * @param data the extra data to be passed to the callback function
 * @param cb the callback function for header clicks
 * @param width the starting column width
 * @param align the column alignment. 0 = left, 0.5 = center, 1 = right.
void add_column (GtkWidget* tree, char* label, int pos, 
             gpointer data, 
             void (*cb)(GtkWidget*, gpointer), 
             gint width, 
             int align); 

typedef void (*add_row_func)(void*, int, GtkTreeIter*);

/** updates a tree with new data. 
void update_tree (GtkListStore* list, int count, int max_rows, void** items, 
              add_row_func add_row_to_list, int current_size);

/** Remove all children for a given tree node. 
void remove_children (GtkTreeStore* treestore, GtkTreeIter* node);

/** Expand a tree node.
 * @param treestore the tree model.
 * @param list the tree view.
 * @param node the tree node to expand.
void expand_node (GtkTreeStore* treestore, GtkObject* list, GtkTreeIter* node);

/** Set the status text on the given status bar */
void set_status_internal (GtkWidget *statusbar, char* text, int lock_gdk);

/** Ignore delete event. */
gint ignore_delete_event (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEvent  *event, gpointer   data);

/** calls gtk_main_quit. */
void destroy (GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data);

/** format a number into a more readable string with unit (B, KB, MB, GB, TB). */
char* format_num (double in);

#endif /* GTKUTILS_H__ */

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