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#ifndef HEAP_DUMP_H__
#define HEAP_DUMP_H__

#include <jni.h>
#include <jvmpi.h>
#include <cls.h>

/** Handle the heap and monitor dumps. */

/** or these values together to get the four (4) combinations possible.. */
#define VARIABLE 1
#define ARRAY 2

/** link from object to owner of object. */
typedef struct object_link object_link;

struct object_link {
    jobjectID  obj;    /** The object in question. */
    jobjectID  parent; /** The parent/owner of obj. */
    jobjectID  clz;    /** The class of the parent. 
                     Needed to find right variable. */
    object_link* next; /** The next owner of of this obj. */ 
    int        type;   /** Type of link. Or value of VARIABLE and ARRAY */    
    jint       variable; /** index in field array for class. */
    jint       index;    /** array index. */

/** down-link from an object to the instances in the object. */
typedef struct down_link down_link;

struct down_link {
    unsigned char type;
    field* fld;
    jint   pos;        /** position in array */
    union {
      unsigned char u1;
      jshort u2;
      jint   u4;
      jlong  u8;
      jobjectID o;
      unsigned char* txt;   // text data for primitive arrays
    } value;
    down_link* next;

typedef struct monitor_info monitor_info;

struct monitor_info {
    char* name;
    void* id;
    jthread* owner;
    jint entry_count;
    jint num_waiting_to_enter;
    jthread** waiting_to_enter;
    jint num_waiting_for_notify;
    jthread** waiting_for_notify;

/** Free a monitor info structure. */
void free_monitor_info (monitor_info* mi);

/** Handle the heap dump level 0. */
void heap_dump_0 (int dump_level,
              char *begin,
              char *end,
              jint num_traces,
              JVMPI_CallTrace *traces);

/** Handle the heap dump level 1. */
void heap_dump_1 (char* dumpdir, 
              int dump_level,
              char* begin,
              char* end,
              jint num_traces,
              JVMPI_CallTrace* traces);

/** Handle the heap dump level 2. */
void heap_dump_2 (char* dumpdir, 
              int dump_level,
              char* begin,
              char* end,
              jint num_traces,
              JVMPI_CallTrace* traces);

void object_dump (jint data_len, char* data); 

/** Get the owners of the given object at the last heap dump.
 * @param obj the object to get the owners for.
 * @return an linked list of object_link containing the owners of obj.
object_link* get_owners (jobjectID obj);

/** Check if it is possible to get object owners...
int is_get_owners_possible ();

/** Throw away heap dump information due to GC. */
void remove_owners_information ();

/** get the down_link for the last requested object. */
down_link* get_last_down_link ();

/** Free the down_link for the last requested object. */
void free_last_down_link ();

/** handle the monitor dump */
hashtab* monitor_dump (char* begin,
                   char* end,
                   jint num_traces,
                   JVMPI_CallTrace* traces,
                   jint* threads_status); 

#endif /* HEAP_DUMP_H__ */

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